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Acwell Solar Defence Licorice Sun Cream

Acwell Solar Defence Licorice Sun Cream

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Patented Korean Plants Complex: Incorporating a distinctive blend of Korean botanicals like Poterium Officinale extracts and Veronica Officinalis extracts, this formulation is designed for sensitive skin, providing complete sun protection with 10,000 ppm of patented ingredients.

Comprehensive Sunray Defense: Not only does it guard against UV rays, but this sunscreen also provides protection against all four harmful sun rays – UVA, UVB, Near Infrared rays, and Blue Light.

Skin and Eco-Friendly: With no harmful UV protection ingredients that could impact marine ecosystems, this sunscreen eliminates ingredients that are destructive to coral reefs.

Optimal Blend of Chemical and Physical Sunscreen: This sunscreen combines the advantages of both chemical and physical sunscreens, offering a smooth, non-sticky finish and irritation-free UV protection for sensitive skin. Achieve complete UV blocking with a double-filtering approach that maximizes the benefits of chemical and physical UV protection.

Sweat and Sebum Resistant: Featuring an oil film coating that withstands sweat and sebum, this sunscreen ensures a clean skin appearance even after extended use. The light film coating is ideal for prolonged face mask wear and outdoor activities. Rest assured, it's a safety-tested hypoallergenic sunscreen, completing rigorous human application tests.

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