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Un Jardin a Cythere Eau De Toilette

Un Jardin a Cythere Eau De Toilette

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Conceived by Hermès' perfumer Christine Nagel, Un Jardin à Cyrthe eau de toilette unfolds as an unexpected garden, defying the conventional green or floral stereotypes—it's a garden that is, surprisingly, blond. It manifests as the olfactory realization of a journey through Greece, leading to Kythira, an enchanting island that has sparked inspiration for numerous artists.


A citrus and woody symphony, Un Jardin à Cyrthe eau de toilette intertwines the embracing notes of grasses with the robust essence of olive wood and the gentle touch of fresh pistachio.


Crafted by Fred Rawyler, the bottle takes inspiration from the elegant lines of horse-drawn carriage lanterns from days gone by. The radiant yellow glass mirrors the sunlit essence of the fragrance. On the box, artist Elias Kafouros paints a vibrant tableau of his homeland: golden grasses, verdant olive trees, fresh pink pistachios, and in the distance, the serene blue of the sea.

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